So, you’d like to join us for a walk? We look forward to meeting you! Our walks are very straight forward, however here is a little more information on what you can expect.

We’re a friendly bunch of people and are always pleased to welcome new members. Chances are you won’t be the only person who’s on their first walk.

You’re welcome to join up to three walks to see if the group is for you before joining the Ramblers.

How do I pick a walk?

We offer a range of walks which vary in length, pace and difficulty.

It’s important to pick something within your ability, so if you haven’t done much countryside walking before, we recommend trying a leisurely or moderate walk first. Our strenuous walks are recommended for those who have a fair amount of walking experience.

Leisurely – Any walk up to around 10 miles where the terrain is relatively easy (parks, streets) and the pace relaxed.

Moderate – Any walk up to around 15-16 miles, where the terrain may be undulating and a generally good pace will be kept up.

Strenuous – Any walk over 11-12 miles where the terrain is likely to be more challenging and/or the length is at the upper end of the scale. This can also be where the pace is fast throughout, even though the walk may be relatively flat.

Are all your walks online?

Yes. Our walk programme is organised on rolling four week basis, however we will often add ‘extra’ walks, so do check back a few days before if you don’t see something you like.

I’ve picked my walk! Do I have to book?

It would be helpful if you can tell us you’re coming via our MeetUp page (RSVP link on each walk description). It is not mandatory to do this in advance, but it is appreciated as it helps our walk leaders plan their walks and it boosts our MeetUp profile.

There is no need to directly contact the leader just to say you’re coming but if you have a question please ask. Our walk leaders are all volunteers who lead walks in their spare time. This means, it might take a little time before they can reply but we will do our best to be as quick as we can.

Looks like it might rain! Will the walk go ahead, do I need to call the leader?

Our walks take place in all weather, and there is no need to reconfirm. In the event of exceptional weather conditions the walk leader may alter the route. If this happens, we will share updates via our Facebook and Meetup groups.

What should I wear/bring?

For countryside walks, sturdy walking shoes or boots are strongly advised. Please also bring clothing appropriate for the weather, such as waterproofs/extra layers/hat/sun cream/sun glasses. Also, please bring a packed lunch and enough snacks/water, especially in warmer months.

What happens at the end of the walk?

All walks will end somewhere close to a pub. This is a great chance to get to know and relax with other Hike Norfolk members.

A pub, but I don’t drink alcohol!

We find that pubs are usually the only places conveniently located that can handle groups of varying size. After a walk, our members enjoy refreshments of all varieties, including plenty of cups of tea or coffee, there is never any pressure to consume alcohol.