When listing a Hike Norfolk walk it is important that the walk title is written in the following way. Hike Norfolk: Walk Description / Distance / Date. As an example…

Hike Norfolk: Southrepps / 11 miles / 9 January


For the actual walk description, this is where you can use your own creative style to describe the walk. As an example….

I will be leading this walk from St James Church in Southrepps on Sunday 9 January, leaving promptly at 10.00 am. Parking is around the church and the village but try to car share if you can. We will be walking 11 miles and will go through the woods to Side Strand, down to the beach and along to Cromer where we will stop for lunch. There may be somewhere open to buy a hot drink. We will return via the cliffs and then cut up through Overstrand, pass through Northrepps and return to our starting point.

Please wear warm clothing and sturdy boots. Also bring a packed lunch, some water and a hot drink and any other little treats you think you may need.


Remember, we have to complete a risk assessment for all of our walks. It is good practice to mention in the walk listing, anything which may cause a problem to the walkers. This way, they can decide in advance if the walk is for them.

The walk has been receed with the following observations made:




If you need any additional information please message the walk leader. Please consider these and the suitability of the walk before signing up to it.


A short piece detailing the starting point of the walk will be required. This could read as follows…

If you are unfamiliar with the walk starting point, please check this out online in advance or message the walk leader for additional information, at lest the day before the walk. On the day,  it is possible (as we could be in the countryside) that there will be no phone signal so Meetup messaging may not work.


Last minute cancellations can be a problem, so a reminder is a good idea.

Please only put your name down if you are fully committed to attend. And if due to unforeseen circumstances you do have to cancel, please do so as early as possible so that someone can take your place. If you have signed up previously and either cancelled at the last minute with no explanation or never showed but never cancelled, you will not be allowed on any walks for a month.


Finally, it is good idea to make reference to the fact Hike Norfolk is part of the Ramblers, this could read like…

You are welcome to join the group for no more than 2-3 walks. After that, you are kindly invited to become a member of Ramblers. Membership is roughly £3/months single or about £4/month as a couple and entitles you to join any Ramblers walks or weekends away in the UK. Being a group member on Meetup or Facebook does not classify as Ramblers member.